In Fall 2018, Provost Bras called together the Study Abroad Working Group to review faculty and staff study abroad policies and procedures. Study Abroad Programs are a critical component to Georgia Tech expanding its global footprint and ensuring that we graduate good global citizens. Georgia Tech takes this responsibility seriously, understanding that while enriching and valuable to both the student and faculty member, study abroad learning experiences are a high-risk and high-reward endeavor. In the spirit of best serving our students, eliminating as much risk as possible, and creating a positive learning environment, the Provost’s Study Abroad Working Group proposed strengthening and enhancing Georgia Tech’s vetting, training, onboarding, and communicating protocols for the participating faculty, staff, and student assistants. 

Provost’s Study Abroad Working Group

Yves Berthelot, Vice Provost, International Initiatives

Bonnie Ferri, Vice Provost, Graduate Education

Lorie Paulez, Director, Study Abroad Programs

Colin Potts, Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education

Anna Stenport, Chair and Professor, School of Modern Languages

Leslie N. Sharp, Associate Vice Provost, Graduate Education and Faculty Development (chair). 

To view the Provost's memo, click here. 

Documents, Templates, and Resources

The Office of International Education will begin working with academic units to facilitate implementation and compliance with these policies and procedures.