Peer Advisors

Maria Selfie

Maria Schuler

Major: Ops and Supply Chain, Industrial Design Minor
Program(s): Oxford Program

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Mandani Selfie

Mandani Tennakoon

Major: Environmental Engineering
Program(s): UNSW Exchange
Email Address:

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Will Selfie

William Willis

Major: LMC
Program(s): Georgia Tech - Lorraine
Email Address:

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Amanda Selfie

Amanda Schwartz

Major: Chemical Engineering
Program(s): Georgia Tech - Lorraine, Pacific Program
Email Address:

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McKay's Photo

McKay Moore

Major: Computer Science, Finance Certificate
Program(s): TU Delft Exchange; Global Internship (GRIP)
Email Address:

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Riley's Photo

Riley Clayburn

Major: Civil Engineering
Program(s): Georgia Tech-Lorraine
Email Address:

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Lexi's Photo

Lexi Dorch

Major:  Biomedical Engineering
Program(s):  Georgia Tech-Lorraine, Global Internship - virtual (GRIP), Gilman Program
Email Address:

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Vinh Selfie

Vinh Dong

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Global Development Minor
Program(s): Georgia Tech - Lorraine
Email Address:

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Vaiishnavi's selfie

Vaiishnavi Selva

Major: Biochemistry, Spanish Minor
Program(s): Barcelona Fall, Leeds Exchange
Email Address:

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Suhani Selfie

Suhani Patel

Major: Civil Engineering
Program(s): UCD Exchange, UNSW Exchange
Email Address:

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Sam Pic

Samuel Weiss-Cowie

Major: Neuroscience and Korean
Program(s): Korean LBAT

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Katelyn's Picture

Katelyn Hestad

Major: Architecture, Korean Minor
Program(s): Architecture in Greece & Italy, Korea LBAT (virtual), Yonsei University Exchange
Email Address:

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Simrill's photo

Simrill Smith

Major: Environmental Engineering , Global Development Minor
Program(s): Japan Summer Program in Sustainability Development, Georgia Tech-Lorraine, Yonsei University Exchange
Email Address:

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Ross's Pic

Ross Paolucci

Major:  Biology (Pre-Med)
Program(s): Strathclyde Exchange Program (Glasgow, Scotland)

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