Faculty-led Study Abroad & Embedded Programs

Georgia Tech offers 50+ faculty-led and embedded study abroad programs annually. These programs are rewarding for both students and the faculty and staff who dedicate their time and expertise. The Office of International Education is eager to support our faculty who develop and administer these programs. 

All current and new Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Directors (and Embedded Faculty-Led Course Directors) are required to submit official Study Abroad Program Proposals to the IUCC Study Abroad Committee each year. All approval signatures should be obtained via DocuSign. Program proposals should be submitted via email to Mary Alice Allen at maryalice.allen@oie.gatech.edu

Click here for Study Abroad Committee Proposal Process Information

Questions about the proposal submissions, review, and approval process should be directed to Mary Alice Allen

Global at Home Programs

All current and new Global at Home Program Directors are required to submit official Program Proposals to the GT Study Abroad Committee. Questions about the proposal submissions, review, and approval process should be directed to Ashlee Toomey-Flinn at ashlee.flinn@oie.gatech.edu. 

For more information about the difference between Global at Home Programs and regular Faculty-Led Programs please click here.

Student Information Regarding Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs

OIE is responsible for encouraging and assisting students in taking advantage of GT's study abroad options. Faculty-led study abroad applicants apply for programs through OIE and must complete a mandatory orientation to be eligible to participate. Below is more information on some of the GT requirements for faculty-led study abroad students.

Application for GT Study Abroad Programs
GT Students: GT students applying to GT Faculty-Led Study Abroad are required to submit GT's Central Faculty-Led Study Abroad Application to OIE. Students can access the application and instructions at atlas.gatech.edu

Transient and Special Students (Non-GT students): Students from other U.S. institutions may be able to participate in some GT Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs. These students are categorized as Transient or Special (non-degree seeking students), and thus must complete a different application process than GT students. For more information, contact Linny Tran at linny.tran@oie.gatech.edu

Online Pre-departure Orientation
GT students are required to complete the Pre-Departure Orientation hosted by the Office of International Education. The Pre-Departure Orientation consists of a set of online videos and quizzes, which can be accessed through Atlas. This is mandatory for all students, and must be completed by the deadline noted in Atlas.