Study Abroad Covid-19 Vaccine Information

• All USG students and faculty are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated.

• USG institutions may not require a vaccine to participate in a study abroad program; however, students are strongly encouraged to assess how being unvaccinated will affect their study abroad experience.

• If a third party, including a country or a host institution, requires a vaccine, students are responsible for complying in order to participate.

• All students, regardless of vaccination status, must be aware that their time out of country may be negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which may include possible quarantine, isolation, testing, and cancelled experiences/activities.

• Where there are different expectations/requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in a country or the host institution, students must comply with those expectations/requirements.

• A country or host institution may change their requirements before or during a study abroad program and the program may be impacted by any country or host institution requirements.

• There is a risk to studying abroad during the Covid-19 pandemic that may include a variety of changes to the program. Participants should be prepared for a rapidly changing environment that may necessitate program changes.

• Study abroad programs are encouraged to communicate factual updates to students, including changes to country and host institution requirements, to help students to make informed decisions.

• Students who are unvaccinated will not receive an accommodation if they are unable to complete portions of the course due to being unvaccinated. This may affect their experience and evaluation of their academic participation.

Last updated 8/16/21