Receding Glacier

Study Abroad Winners

Casey Timmerman - "New Day"

Christopher Dirubio - "Receding Glacier"

Michael Kennedy - "Eiffel at Night"


Atlantic Station

International Student Winners

Mohammad Matin- "Streets of Atlantic Station"

Trishal Mallikarjuna - "The old and the New"

Vrajesh Sheth- "Bank of America Under Construction"

















  • Alexander Johnson - "Giza Fever," AUC Exchange
  • William Sun- "Sacre Coeur Steps," GT Lorraine
  • Aman Jain- "Duomo at Night," Oxford Program
  • Miles McCrockin - "Achieving New Heights," UCL Exchange
  • Michael Jacobs- "Notre Dame Silhouette," Oxford Program
  • Justin Hwa - "Valencia Corpus Christi," Valencia/Lisbon Program
  • Trishul Mallikarjuna - "Baiting the Zebroid," GT International Student
  • Meghan Gast - "Hike to Acropolis," History of Art and Arch in Greece and Italy
  • Mihir Patel - "The Human Scale at the Theater of Pergamon," History of Art and Arch in Greece and Italy
  • MohammAd Matin Mohdari- "Defend this Line," GT International Student
  • William Hancock - "Harbin Snow and Ice Park: Take A Big Breath," Renmin Exchange
  • Surabhi Joshi - "The Tech Hub - Campanile"
  • Kelsey Duffy - "World Cup from a Budapest Lawn," chbe London
  • Trishal Mallikarjuna - "The Jester," GT International Student
  • Jonathan Kuo- "Get Busy Living," Oxford Program
  • Christopher Stubel- "View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak," China Program
  • Emily AMsler - "Flamenco Flare," Madrid Lbat
  • Parisa Pour Shahid Saeed Abadi- "Bars In STone Wall," Gt International Student
  • Canon Manley- "Elevators in Berlin," Architecture Senior Year in Paris
  • Paola Andrea Pulido - "Family On Wheels," NUS Exchange
  • MohammAd Matin Mohdari- "Touchdown! vs. What is going on Down there?" GT International Student
  • Parisa Pour Shahid Saeed Abadi - "Spring at GT Campus," Gt International Student
  • Noelle Keltner - "Illumination: sagrada Familia Cathedral," BC Paris Summer Program
  • Christopher Valenta - "Royal City of Torino," Atlantis Program
  • Ciera Walker- "The Land of Mountains and Rainbows," VUW Exchange
  • Parisa Pour Shahid Saeed Abadi- "Disney World" GT International Student
  • Devon Hagan - "Jump for Joy, Interlaken," Oxford Program
  • Juliana Watkins - "Fire Circle," Barcelona Program
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