Grand Prize Winner "Sweetnich Colors of Guanajuato" 

Grand Prize Winner

Winning Photo "Sweetnich Colors of Guanajuato"



  1. Shayna Brownstein "Rich Traditions"
  2. Alice Fockele "Thaipusan"
  3. Laura Kitashima "Windmill at Sunset"
Brownstein "Rich Traditions"
Alice Fockele - "Thaipusan"Kitashima - "Windmill Mykonos"
  • Amogh Belagodu "Morning on a Volcano"
  • Brett Davenport "Busy, Busy Hong Kong"
  • Sarabrynn Hudgins "Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem"
  • Jeannie Lee "Fountain Frolic"
  • Victor Lesniewski "The Moment"
  • Henry Li "Beneath the Clock Tower"
  • Anshuo Liu "Good Morning, Prague!"
  • Sonya Parpart "Kylemore Abbey"
  • Sonya Parpart "Swan Lake at Sunset"
  • Akshay Patel "Inveraray Castle
  • Allison Tjong "Old Fisherman in Cinque Terre"
  • Yang Zhang - "Elks and Photographer, Yellowstone National Park"

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