Students going on a GT Exchange Abroad Program for a semester or summer must use the Foreign Credit Approval Form for GT Exchange Programs (FCA) to request approval for foreign courses to transfer to GT. The FCA form can be found here

  • In order to participate in a GT Exchange Program you MUST turn in an FCA form before you leave the country to study abroad. You will be given a specific due date by your advisor during orientation.

  • Failure to turn in an FCA form before you leave could result in you earning no credit while abroad or endangering eligibility for financial aid, loans, scholarships, HOPE or ZELL.
  • Not all courses will be approved for GT credit, so it is important to start the process as soon as possible. For example, sports courses do not transfer back to GT at all.
  • The steps for GT foreign credit transfer are as follows (please type or fill in the FCA form in dark ink):

    1. Check OSCAR to see if courses are already approved. If the course is already approved on OSCAR, write out its equivalent in column three and write, “OSCAR,” in the signature line.

    2. Obtain copies of the syllabi for the courses that are not already approved and you are planning on taking abroad.

    3. Check the credit transfer system for your planned program. These differ from school to school. For example, our European partners largely use ECTS. 1.4 ECTS equals 1 GT credit hour. Check the OIE website or contact your education abroad advisor for your host university’s credit transfer system. Fill in the top portion of the FCA form and the first column, “Courses to be taken abroad.”

    4. Send the form, course descriptions/syllabi and the credit transfer system to the appropriate GT faculty/staff member for approval. The list of approvers can be found on the next page of this document

    5. The approver completes the FCA, signs in the column three by each approved course and then checks the appropriate type of approval in column four/five if s/he agrees to approve courses for transfer. The type of credit transferred is at the discretion of the academic unit that teaches the course at GT.

    6. After the appropriate faculty members have signed, you will need to send the form to your MAJOR school for signature. This signature is required, even if you will not take major courses abroad.

    7. You must sign and date the form and keep a copy for your records.

    8. Send the form by email to your exchange advisor. We will acquire the last two signatures for you (OIE signature and Registrar signature).

    9. The form will then be uploaded to your Atlas account, for your future reference.



  • Feel free to use DocuSign when you are requesting signatures from the approvers. 
  • List backup courses. You are not required to take all courses that you list. You may fill out as many FCAs as you need. You do not need to know exactly what you are taking abroad.
  • In some cases, transfer credit is not awarded until course work, exams, etc are reviewed. Save all notes, syllabi, exams, term papers and textbooks so that, if requested, you will be able to provide extensive information on the content of your course.
  • We round credits down – so if a course is worth 3.57 GT credits after conversion, you will receive 3 GT credit hours for that course.
  • You must receive a “C” or better in order for courses to transfer to GT. The GPA you earn abroad will not affect your GT GPA, but it will affect your financial aid GPA.
  • If you have ANY QUESTIONS about this process, please contact your OIE advisor.

Contact List to Request Approval for International Transfer Credit

Type of Credit for which you are requesting approval (all are for undergraduate approval unless otherwise specified)Contact PersonE-mail address
Aerospace Engineering/AEChris
Biology/BIOS/ APPH

Dr. Mirjana Brockett

Dr. Teresa Snow

Biomedical Engineering/BMEDr. Esfandiar
Building Construction/BC

Lorie Wooten

Dr. Daniel Castro


-Undergraduate Students


-Graduate Students


Shivani Patel


Peter Severa, Saed Reyes,

Chemical & Bimolecular Engineering/ChBEDr. Victor
Chemistry & Biochemistry/CHEMDr. Pamela
Civil & Environmental Engineering/CEEDr. Tracy
City Planning/CPAnna
College of Engineering/COE (2001 & 3001)Dr. Mitchell

Computer Science/CS

-Undergraduate Students

-Graduate Students


Pauline Glenn

Becky Wilson

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences/EASDr. Samantha


*Please provide full syllabus when asking

Electrical & Computer Engineering/ECEDr. Joyelle
General Credit (Social Sciences, Humanities, Free Electives)


Makesia Scott

History, Technology & Society/HTS

Dr. Jennifer Singh


Human Computer interaction/HCIDavid
Industrial Design/IDTroy
Industrial & Systems Engineering/ISyEDr. Chen
International Affairs/ INTADr. Mikulas
Literature, Media & Communication/LMCDr. JC

Mathematics/MATH -Undergraduate Students

-Graduate Students


Undergraduate Program Office Graduate Program Office

Materials Science & Engineering/MSE -Undergraduate Students


Dr. Mary Lynn Realff

Mechanical Engineering/ME

Nuclear and Radiological Engineering/NRE

Dr. Brandon
Modern Languages/foreign language credit

Arabic: Natalie Khazaal

Chinese: Lu Liu

French: Andrea Jonsson

German: Hyoun-A Joo

Japanese: Kyoko Masuda

Korean: Yongtaek Kim

Linguistics (English): Lelia Glass

Russian: Dina Khapaeva

Spanish: Cecilia Montes-Alcala

Music /MUSI

Dr. Jason Freeman

Corissa Jones

Neuroscience / NEURDr. Mary


*Please provide full syllabus when asking

Dr. Brian
Polymer, Textile & Fiber Engineering/PTFEDr. Mary Lynn
Psychology/PSYCMeghan Babcock

Public Policy/PUBP/POL/LAW/PST

-Undergraduate Students


-Graduate Students


Dr. Richard Barke (PUBP & POL)

Dr. Michael Hoffmann (PST)

Johnnie Sawyer