Lexi Dorch

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Major:  Biomedical Engineering
Program(s):  Georgia Tech-Lorraine, Global Internship - virtual (GRIP), Gilman Program
Email Addressldorch3@gatech.edu

Hi! I'm Lexi Dorch, a 3rd year BME major on a pre-med track. Before Tech, I traveled for two weeks to Europe with my Latin class, and so when I came here, I knew I wanted to study abroad. I participated in GTL Spring 2021. This last summer, I received a scholarship from the Gilman Program to complete a virtual internship with a company in London, England. These programs taught me a lot about myself and about the cultures, and at the same time, I made memories and gained experiences that will last a lifetime.

I found out that while I can't ski the swiss Alps, I can snowboard it. I also learned the culture of the work office from the Brits, and I will say that they are relaxed and sociable, which made for good conversations. These were some of the best decisions I have made so far, and so I want to make sure everyone knows that they can and should study abroad too.

If you have questions about graduating on time while still studying abroad, how to get a virtual internship, or just discuss why you should study abroad, feel free to reach out! I am sure I have just the story that will show you how awesome it is.