Katelyn Hestad

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Major: Architecture, Korean Minor
Program(s): Architecture in Greece & Italy, Korea LBAT (virtual), Yonsei University Exchange
Email Addresskhestad3@gatech.edu

Hello, there! My name is Katelyn Hestad (she/her), and I am a fourth year architecture student minoring in Korean...and also doing International Plan. Despite this being my last year at Tech, it didn't stop me from studying abroad again! (The "36 hour rule" is misleading.) In addition to going abroad the summer after my first year on the Architectonics in Greece and Italy trip, I spent my fall semester in Korea on the Yonsei Exchange program!

My study abroad experiences have helped me in so many ways, from experiencing in-person what textbooks teach to having immersive language-learning opportunities. COVID has put me through some of the worst-case scenarios, including turning my intended LBAT trip virtual, so if you have any worries about studying abroad, I've probably experienced it! Feel free to reach out to me about these concerns or any other questions you have about study abroad!