Please note that this FAQ does not apply to Fall 2020 at Georgia Tech-Lorraine (GTL) nor Georgia Tech Shenzhen.

Q: My Fall 2020 Exchange Program was canceled; will my deposit be refunded?

A: Yes, OIE will refund program deposits to outgoing exchange students through their GT Bursar account.

Q. Will Georgia Tech cover my financial loss for airfare?

A: No, Georgia Tech will not cover the loss of personal expenses, including airfare. We recommend that you contact the airline to request a refund or a credit.

Q. Can I keep my study abroad scholarship?

A. This response is only for the scholarships for which OIE selects recipients. For other scholarships, you need to contact the scholarship administrator.

Fall 2020 scholarship applicants received notification of the status of their applications on March 16, 2020. For those who were notified that they were selected to receive a Fall 2020 OIE study abroad scholarship, Financial Aid has not yet made those scholarship awards and the scholarship offers will be rescinded. We hope you will study abroad in the future. If you were selected to receive a Fall 2020 scholarship and choose to study abroad later in your undergraduate career, OIE will reinstate your study abroad scholarship at that time. Note: reinstatement will require that you remain eligible and participate in an eligible program.

Q. Can I still apply for Fall 2020 on-campus housing?

A: Students should contact Georgia Tech Housing immediately to apply for Fall 2020 on-campus housing: http://housing.gatech.edu/ There are also a limited number of spaces still available in the GT I-House: https://ihouse.gatech.edu/ I-House is a great opportunity to engage in on-campus international learning!

Q: I’ve heard that students on cancelled study abroad programs for summer 2020 were able to pay reduced study abroad tuition for courses offered in Atlanta. Will I be able to pay the study abroad rate in Atlanta during Fall 2020?

A: No. Students who were accepted to Summer 2020 study abroad programs that were canceled were allowed to pay the study abroad rate for Summer 2020 remote courses. This was a one-time exception approved by the University System of Georgia. There are no plans to offer this exception for future semesters.

Q: Is there another option for me to go abroad for Fall 2020?

A: Georgia Tech-Lorraine is accepting late applications and is planning to operate during Fall 2020. For more information, email allie.crain@gtl.gatech.edu or visit https://lorraine.gatech.edu/undergraduate