Want to play? Join the Office of International Education for an evening of many sports with at the Roe Stamps Fields 3 & 4. This will be a great chance to get to know other students and build community!

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6:00PM - 7:00PM
Welcome to the OIE fold as we learn some origami basics!

Please join OIE in learning how to MARTA. Come prepared with your walking shoes as together, we’ll meet at and leave from Tech Tower and walk to the North Avenue MARTA Station. From there we’ll help students purchase a Breeze Card (students will each purchase their own cards) and then use the Red Line to travel to Dunwoody Station.

If you like to solve problems, then the Office of International Education invites you to this Hackathon. This will be an opportunity to use you ingenuity (no computers), leadership, and teamwork skills to solve problems like building the tallest freestanding tower out of naught but string, tape, dried spaghetti, and a single marshmallow. There will be other activities and this will be a chance to get to connect with other students to build community. 

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